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Debt restructuring

Looking for support restructuring your business?

Improve the financial and operational health of your business.

Can restructuring save my business?

We have helped businesses stand proud when extreme financial and operational strains have brought them to their knees.

You can successfully restructure your business.

Working together we can reduce the crushing stresses you face and create conditions that allow you to deliver positive, long-term changes.

It will not be easy.

Restructuring is not cosmetic change: your business will never be the same.

But it can survive.

There is no ‘magic touch’.

Restructuring involves a complicated series of tough decisions based on hard-won insight and expert know-how.

We can help you understand every implication and take each difficult step.

Business Rescuers partners are accredited by every major industry body and offer unparalleled strength with nationwide support available.

We’re here for you whenever and wherever you need us.

Together we can find a solution.

Call our friendly team to understand the
best way forward.

Your business restructure and rescue partner

  • The earlier we can provide expert advice, the better.

    As businesses buckle, doors start to close quickly and the sooner you act, there are more options that we can push open for you.

  • It starts with a conversation – confidential and without obligation.

    This is our chance to gain an initial understanding of your business – and your chance to ask questions and gain insight into how we will work together.

  • A thorough business health check will be carried out so that we are both 100% clear exactly where we stand.

    It is only then that we can reach a decision on whether the operational and financial challenges your business faces will allow for an ‘informal’ restructuring or whether the formal processes of administration or CVA are your best option.

Here are the ground rules that inform our approach to your restructure.

  • 1

    We will ensure that you always fully understand your financial risk – and we will continue to assess and monitor this throughout.

  • 2

    We will be transparent about the need for any additional funding – and can help you source and secure this.

  • 3

    In order to succeed your plan must be based on a confidential exploration and diagnosis of every problem placing stress on your business – and we will continue to assess and monitor this nothing is out of bounds and everything must be disclosed.

  • 4

    Communication channels are always open – between us and between you and your company. The more everyone is kept in the loop and understands their part in the plan, the smoother the process and the better the outcome.

  • 5

    There are incredibly difficult decisions ahead – but we must reach these quickly.

  • 6

    No-one can promise you an ideal resolution – but together we can deliver you the best possible outcome.

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