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Creditor demands

Are your creditors threatening to serve a winding up petition?

Have you received a statutory demand or winding up order?

How should you respond to a winding up petition?

A winding up petition is not the end of the line for your business – it’s how you deal with it that will decide this.

Finding the best course of action depends on gaining a clear understanding of all of the strains that your business is facing.

Our team of business consultants can help you calmly explore your options. But first, we must understand your situation.

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How should you respond to a winding up petition?

Serving a winding up petition is the most serious legal action a creditor can take. If you do nothing about it, then a chain of events begins that could disable your ability to trade and, ultimately, end your business.

You must act quickly.

  • Once the petition is served you only have seven days before your financial situation becomes public knowledge.
  • Soon the courts will decide whether to grant a winding up order.
  • And shortly after the liquidation process could begin.

As important as it is to act quickly it is also essential that you act wisely. Call us on 0203 9971030 – our licensed insolvency partners are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

They will make sure you understand all of the implications and together they will do everything possible to prevent the liquidation of your company by rescuing your business.

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